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Applied Modern System Integration Inc.

Our Products

In addition to developing, designing, and manufacturing pre-fabricated E-Houses, we can integrate all the necessary electrical products to suit your specific needs and your market.
Our company is focused on delivering new and customized low & medium voltage switchgear units optimized to suit your project requirements.

AMSi Inc. supplies and builds custom Protection & Control cabinets that are suitable for the protection of transmission and substations lines, transformers, capacitor banks,  generators, main bus and feeders.

We are able to integrate your supplied equipment into our prefabricated E-House, or supply a complete engineered and manufactured turn-key solution to meet your strict requirements.

Capable of designing and manufacturing portable substations suitable for utility and mining applications. Units range from 500kW to 15mW.

Catering to multiple customers and markets, we aim to diversify our product line in order to make your experience with customized power equipment as easy as possible.

AMSi Inc. Logo

AMSi Inc. is a leader in custom engineered electrical manufactured products in Southern Ontario, Canada, and is committed to long term partnerships with our customers by offering innovative and diversified solutions.

Our Markets

Wind turbine


Solar farm


Oil & gas rig off the coast

Oil & Gas

Nuclear power plant


Excavator dumping its contents into a loader at a mining operation


Industrial building with pipelines


Hoover Dam hydroelectricity generation plant


Bio Gas Installation Processing Cow Dung as part of a Farm


AMSi Inc. is capable of delivering small and large scale projects to our customers servicing multiple markets.

Our team is highly professional and trained in all facets of engineering disciplines to deliver our clients a complete turn-key solution.

AMSi Inc. Logo

We are committed to providing high quality manufactured products and engineering services to our customers in a safe and timely manner. 

Above all, we strive to continuously improve our workforce, our products, as well as our processes.

AMSi Inc. Logo

Our company collectively possesses over 60 years of experience in the industry.   Our products are developed using the most innovative and technologically advanced methods in the market today.